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  Nanjing XinLiang traffic safety,located at the national economic development zone of lishui county,nanjing city,jiangsu province,specialized in production and trade of road marking coating as well as related technical services for highways.
  Endowed with abundant human resources,the company has implemented advanced modern management under a scientific and precise system and has developed rapidly with a remarkable achievement,and the market coverage is second to none in the home market.the company is capable of producing 50000 tons of road marking coating annually,covering dozens of major high-grade highways in China and meanwhile having been exported to foreign countries.Our products are widely welcome both home and abroad.
  With the rapid development brought about by the reform and opening up,nowadays,users of road are attaching moreimportance to the security and humanization of roads,and it is believed that Xinliang Company,with deep-rooted culture and enterprising spitits,is definitely striving for excellence and can offer the best services for the customers! ....[details]
  The road marking coating
Zhejiang accounted for pu highway
Springs three highway
Traffic engineering product batch production construction must use certificate
One credit rating certificate
Quality management system certification
One credit rating certificate
Quality management system certification
produced by the company now has covered a number of highways domestically: Shanghai-Nanjing Highway,the Capital Airport Expressway, Nangjing-Hangzhou Expressway, Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway, Shenyang-Dalian Expressway and Jinnan-Qingdao Expressway,etc.It has also been exported to a number of developing countries like Vietnam Pakistan,South Korea, Turkey,and ethiopia.....[details]
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